Out to Pasture Beef is a smaller 80 acre farm located in the Chippewa River Valley. It is here where we consistently produce the most delicious, nutritionally rich angus beef in northwestern Wisconsin.  Beef sold under our label has never been injected with hormones nor antibiotics. We’re the only family farm in the area authorized by the State of Wisconsin and now the USDA,  to claim 100% grass-fed on each label of meat sold.


It literally changes red meat into a health food.


We’ve been told we have the most delicious beef people have ever tasted! It begins with the genetics we’ve selected, our artisan approach to grazing our cattle and finally, our assurance that these cattle are processed in a manner honoring their life.

Our customers believe in connecting with their surrounding agriculture community, so they can learn where their beef comes from and the quality it represents.

We now offer ground beef year ’round, as well as our hot dogs; second to none in flavor and health benefits … yes, it’s true! Orders of beef cuts, starting with a 1/8th order, are offered 4x/year on a first come first served basis.


Our mission

Provide customers in the Chippewa Valley and beyond, with access to prime cuts of the best tasting, health-giving and safe 100% grass-fed beef.    Out to Pasture Beef – Nourishing the Cattle for Their Health & Yours!

Contact Information

Out To Pasture Beef
Vic & Mary Price

E13240 E.Hillsdale Dr.
Fall Creek,WI 54742

(715) 877-3129